Thoughts from an unprecedented year

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2020, a year like no other, shed light on perspective, perseverance, and most importantly, gratitude. I began the year, as most people do, setting out New Year’s resolutions, personal and professional development goals, and of course, a long list of travel destinations. I was so specific on what I wanted to achieve by December 2020 that looking back on all that has happened this year, these goals feel like they’re from another lifetime. The single most important lesson I learned this year is that the unpredictability of life is unparalleled. We cannot plan our lives 5 years in advance, let…

A Quarantine Edition for Reflection and Personal Growth

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2020 has been a chain reaction of unprecedented events. In March, the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic with the widespread virus of COVID-19. This lead to exacerbating effects on economies, governments, businesses, employees, families and individuals worldwide. The anxiety around the uncertainty of the state of health and the economy is concerning. Each week feels like an entire year, each day comes with its own challenges, and each individual is going through their own version of this time.

To sustain a positive personal growth trajectory, I channeled my emotions towards learning through books. I expanded my knowledge on…

Looking back on the 2010s

Embracing the 2020s

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2019 was incredibly eye-opening, a year of self-exploration and personal growth. I began the year entering the last semester of my undergrad career, anticipating what the future holds after graduation. Throughout the year, I learned a lot about my personal values, social environment, and immigrant identity in the US. I asked myself important questions; What matters to me? What does success mean to me? What do I value? How do I define purpose and meaning in life?

I learned a lot about people and friendships. Some showed their true colors where let's say parting ways was for the best. I…

A story about pressing the pause button and appreciating the life in front of you

When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses?

When we’re little, we go to school to learn and to grow. From the ages of 3 to 23 we’re learning. Up to this point, our life is constantly measured through merits like grades and moving higher in ranks. We’re taught that success is defined by being better, having a higher ranking, or a higher grade in school. By studying and learning more, we’ll be more knowledgable; we will be better than we were before.

I’ve felt like an imposter my whole life. In school, I was always an average student. I was told “I could do better” as if…

Shout Your Worth is a toolkit to help you communicate your value. This is an article in a series about the development of the kit, done as part of the Interaction Design capstone at Northeastern University in 2018–19.

Growing up on an island off the coast of India, known as the teardrop of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, my heart is set on using my abilities for the greater good of society. As I took the interaction design capstone, I was beyond excited at the opportunity to work on a year-long project to create a viable solution for a “wicked”…

Creating an approachable brand across multiple mediums

Shout Your Worth is a toolkit to help you communicate your value. This is an article in a series about the development of the kit, done as part of the Interaction Design capstone at Northeastern University in 2018–19.

When people think about a tool to help reflect on person and professional experiences, it tends to be boring and less exciting. When strategizing about designing our visual identity, we wanted our brand to be fun, approachable and enthusiastic to the player. We wanted it to communicate a strong sense of purpose and direction thats not intimidating.

Personality Levers

We began our branding process…

The Design Story of WISE at Northeastern University

WISE, the Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship, is a new student organization at Northeastern University dedicated to increasing the confidence of young women and helping them develop an entrepreneurial mindset. As the Vice President of Brand Design for WISE, I was given the opportunity to create our brand strategy, logo and visual identity. I wanted to create a brand that would sustain our values and goals for future generations of women at Northeastern University.

The final WISE logo

When many people look at a logo, they may see an image, a typeface and perhaps an aesthetically pleasing color palette. However, what most people are…

Aarti Amalean

Creative artist turned product designer, fascinated by technology, human connection, and social good

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